Riley IT Services

Nick Riley

TLS - for Smart Phone Access
  The new server supports TLS for SMTP and IMAP connections - (much more suitable for mobile devices).  So you can securely collect your mail and send mail securely too.  - Previously if you used your smart phone on a public network (e.g. starbucks) then the password would be visible to everyone!  Please select and use TLS where possible when setting up email accounts - that may mean you need to re-create the account on your phone or tablet.
New Webmail
 Our new server has a number of new features, these include improved user email settings should allow you to login with your email username and password.
From there you can:
  • Check your email from any PC or mobile device
  • View your spam folder and change the level the server considers your mail to be spam
  • Setup a vacation or out of office messages
  • Filter or forward some mail into different folders or to different people

(When you login, please to to settings, preferences and personal information and setup an Identity)...